Accessline is a 24 hrs / 7day per week telephone service available across NSW to connect you with the right care.

In the case of an emergency where immediate help is needed Accessline will provide you with information and guidance as to what to do and who to contact and will sometimes make the calls on your behalf. The call can be made by the person needing the help or a friend orĀ  carer. Some of the interventions might be :

  • Calling an ambulance or the police on your behalf
  • Providing advice as to how to deal with the person and what to do and say if in crisis
  • Trying to get the person needing the help onto the phone to have a conversation with them
  • Assessing the situation and advising what to do next
  • Accessline can provide help with depression, anxiety, suicide, psychosis, alcohol and drugs and sexual assault

Accessline will always attempt to speak to the person who has the problem if possible.

Records are kept electronically, so if it is a person who has used Accessline before you might want to pass the information on. In this way they are able to refer back to previous calls/ history to aid in their assessment and referral.